What We Believe


Sundays - 10AM // Tuesdays - 7PM Harvest House of Prayer

Our Vision

To assist each person to discover their earthly destiny, and help them reach their full potential in Jesus Christ.

We believe everybody has a Kingdom Destiny in their "Mountain of Influence" whether that be Education, Government, Media, etc. Our vision is to transform every mountain of society through the love and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Statement of Faith

We Believe in:

  • The one and living God, externally existent in three persons in unity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • The divine inspiration and authority of Holy Scripture.
  • The original perfection of creation, the inherent corruptness of man through the Fall; the necessity of repentance and regeneration by grace through faith alone, and the eternal separation from God of the finally unrepentant.
  • The virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death, triumphant resurrection, ascension and abiding intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • His second coming and millennial reign upon earth.
  • Justification and sanctification of the believer through the finished work of Christ, and the resurrection of the believer in an incorruptible body.
  • The ordinances of baptism by immersion and of the Lord's Supper.
  • The security of the believer as he abides in Christ.
  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit for believers with signs following.
  • The functions of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Elders and Deacons for equipping, governing and ministry to the Church.

Our Covering

Northland Harvest Church belongs to an affiliation of churches from around the world called Ascension Fellowships International (AFI). AFI's Apostolic Team provides spiritual oversight and guidance to local pastors and churches.

AFI is part of a larger network of churches known as The Worldwide Apostolic Church and are active in missions work throughout the world.

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